In case you weren’t sure, there is something known as “too far”.

Better Call Saul, also known as Todd LaTourette, might have just proven to be the most dedicated to his craft. In an interview where he begun to reminisce on the beginning of his acting career. LaTourette shared that he actually cut off his own arm and pretended to be a veteran in order to obtain more roles.

However, LaTourette’s past highlight’s an important and overlooked disorder: Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar disorder causes individuals to go from moments of extreme euphoria to extreme depression. Unfortunately, when individuals stop taking their medication, havoc can occur. Sadly, that’s exactly what happened to LaTourette. 

After not taking his medication, Better Call Saul experienced a psychotic episode which led to him cutting off his hand. 

The actor is extremely remorseful for his false claim of bring a veteran, but states that sharing knowledge of mental health is more important than any false career ever could.

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