riri1.jpgPOOR RIHANNA 🙁

If you haven’t heard, Rihanna’s L.A. home has been broken into multiple times in the past few months. After weeks of not finding the perpetrator, police might have found that there is more than one.

*Plot twist*
The alleged perpetrators are a young boy and girl, and an older couple, causing LAPD to believe that the burglars are a family or a ring of burglars. A family or ring that has potentially targeted celebs and athletes based on their social media posts of their whereabouts. Police have seized over $50,000 in cash and they don’t suspect that their work is done anytime soon.
Three of these suspects were arrested, but one pleaded not guilty, while the others remained in custody.

I’m not sure if karma is 100% real but if it is, this family has got another thing coming…

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