Apparently Lauryn Hill has been struggling with s cold that has left her voice strained. As a result, she postponed her September 30th show until May 9th. Yes, you read that correctly. Her SEPTEMBER show has been postponed until 2019 due to a cold.

To be quite honest, Lauryn Hill fans have got it pretty tough. Lauryn Hill is an extremely talented musician, one of the most important soul singers of our generation, but also the most unreliable. 

In the past, the singer has explained her reasoning for being late as an issue with not feeling aligned and ready to share energy with thousands of fans. However, this is something she has been aware of for years, so why keep booking shows? And can we really be mad as fans? I mean, as a fan I know better than to spend money on Lauryn Hill tickets cause at the end of the day, there’s a chance she won’t show. 

What do you think? Do Lauryn Hill fans deserve better? Because waiting eight months to see Lauryn Hill “maybe” perform is not the move for me and my pockets. Drop a comment and let us know what you think!

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