Allegedly, 39 year old Kourtney Kardashian has been dating 20 year old Luka Sabbat. The pair was seen having a wild night out in Chicago this week. Sources shared that Kardashian and Sabbat have actually been dating for a month now. Kardashian definitely has a track record of dating younger men, for example, her most recent relationship with Younes Bendajima, 26. However, Bendajima was at LEAST somewhat seasoned at this thing we call life.



Kourtney Kardashian’s apparent comfortability dating a twenty year old speaks volumes about our culture. Some could argue that Luka Sabbat is over eighteen, making the relationship okay. But have you at your older age ever tried to talk to someone significantly younger than you? Let alone, tried to date them? There’s such a difference in mental capacity I don’t understand how a bond or relationship could form between the two. I mean, even at my age of 22, I still can’t bare dating 20 year olds due to a lack of maturity. So this raises an important question. What’s the youngest age you would date? Comment with your age and let us know why!


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