As if Florida couldn’t get any weirder….

Beachgoers on the coast of Florida found over 100 pounds of marijuana washing up the shore. Yes, you read that correctly. Seaweed.

Apparently, our most recent hurricane, Hurricane Florence, was so intense that one cartel got super unlucky. As if things couldn’t get any worse (or better, #perspective), beachgoers begun fighting for said seaweed. Sigh.

As previously states, there’s speculation that the bundles of marijuana might have been on a boat that drifted during Hurricane Florence. However, there is no official reported cause. These bricks of marijuana have been popping up on several occasions on the Volusia and St. John’s County coast’s. Unfortunately, these different cases of marijuana washing up shore might be connected, but none of the packages include signatures or special identifiers that could possibly hint towards who the packages belong to.

Surprisingly, Captain Malphur’s from Ormond Beach shared that this odd occurrence happens “a few times a year.” Weird.


Photo courtesy of Flagler County Police Department.

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