Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Journey to a retirement league?

As American soccer grows at an exponential rate under the 25 years it’s existed, international light, as well as speculation continuously storms the leagues media. Ever since superstar David Beckham left his home country to complete a legacy with the LA Galaxy, skeptics framed Major League Soccer as a retirement league.

In the past, I full-heartedly believed American soccer stood as a vacation home or, cool down lap for the world’s aging stars.

I now admit those beliefs were short-lived as I saw the rate of growth this league was undergoing as well as the insane vision directors had. Although I disagree with many paths that were taken concerning the league’s foundation (Promotion/Relegation), I understand the expansion of American soccer is truly taken into consideration by Paul Allen and company.

Now down to business, the arrival of world-class star Zlatan Ibrahimovic DOES NOT make MLS a retirement league

Understanding the basic concept of soccer being an entertainment industry, it’s easy see why any league on the rise or even already standing above all would die to sign the world’s top names. To shame a smaller league for successfully snagging an aging but still immensely skilled player is absurd. Obviously the youth is a focus and people who claim MLS to be filled with nothing but dying players do not follow the league. In recent years, Major League Soccer has taken major leaps in developing a youth administration for all clubs. Resulting from this development, an average age that is lower than fierce rivals Liga MX.

“There isn’t a first division soccer league in the world, where you wouldn’t find teams that would jump at the chance to sign 2018 Zlatan” – Alexi Lalas


Alexi Lalas on the signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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