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Heavy weight boxing champion Anthony Joshua moves back into his mother’s ex-council flat in North London. Anthony Joshua made a staggering £15m from his super fight with Vladmir Klitschko. Anthony’s mother Yeta Odunsanya, a Nigerian immigrant does not like to watch her son fight because she gets nervous at ringside. He said after the fight “We spoke on Facetime and she said she was proud of me.” The rationale of moving back pales in comparison to stories of some of today’s successful athletes like Floyd Mayweather, Connor McGregor and Adrian Broner.

“I’m a good man, I’m a family man, and I love life.

“How do I plan to celebrate? Wake up midday for once. Wake up midday and then catch up with my family.

“Normally I take a holiday, but I think this time what I’m going to do is just pop round to some of my family’s house and catch up.

“Because we spend quarter of the year training, and then normally you go on holiday and then straight back into training camp.

“I don’t want to do that, I want to catch up with family. And that’s it. Go back to normal living.”

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