If you are a young, beautiful, attractive, no talent having attention seeking woman in the age of hyper-narcissism looking for success, this is the market for you. At your disposal is a culture that rewards the perception of success. If you seek to be a successful financial investor, look to William Buffet. If you seek to ascend into the apex of the political ladder by being the most divisive American since George Wallace, look to Donald Trump. If your goal is to become famous for just being famous, the best example is non other than the Kardashians.

The Kardashians have been an American phenomenon for a decade. Critics are quick to point to the Ray J and Kim sex tape as the reason why. Like every great scam, nothing is exactly what it seems. Kris Jenner is perceived as the greatest “momager” in modern American culture for seemingly orchestrating the ascention of the Kardashian brand. Not only was she rumored to have encouraged her daughter Kim to profit off the sex tape seen around the world, she has been credited for creating a culture that preys on young black successful entertainers. If you rewind back a few decades, Kris Jenner was once Kris kardashian who was married to Rob Kardashian who was best friends with O. J. Simpson. She knows too well what comes with being a young successful athlete from the friendship with the Simpsons but don’t listen to those rumors about Khloe being a simpson. That’s just ridiculous even thought some folks claim a side by side picture of Khloe and O.J.’s daughter Sidney looks very much alike. Still ridiculous lol.

Back to the scam or some may consider it brilliance. She married Bruce Jenner whom at the time was considered to be the one of the greatest American athletes for winning a Gold medal in the 1976 olympics in decathlon. There it is. Kris would finally get all that came with being with a great American athlete. Not so fast …. Bruce Jenner was a great athlete with no cool factor.  No paparazzi attention, no tv show, non of that cool fan fair for marrying a famous athlete. He just wasn’t black and there was nothing intriging for the media to work with. Fast forward to her daughters. Is it really a coincidence that her daughters seem to date or marry young black entertainers? Is it a coincidence that Kourtney is considered the boring Kardashian? Is it a coincidence that the ones considered the “ugly Kardashian” khloe has become a media frenzy as soon as she married or dated Lamar Odom, James Harden, French Montana, Tristan Thompson? Rather than make the mistakes she made as a young adult, Kris Jenner has successful created a formula for a daughters using the young black entertainer. Now THAT is one heck of an achievement.



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